Do you think of yourself as an overly anxious person?

If so this can leave you thinking that anxiety is here to stay. Well, that simply isn’t true, anxiety can be shifted and I am living proof of that.

You were not born an anxious person. We can all be floored by anxiety but on the flipside, we can all learn to handle it.  With some help you can very quickly learn to recognise and treat the rising feelings of anxiety before it takes hold, by doing so you quickly take back control and show your brain who’s really in control.

Some people experience stomach problems when they are over-stressed, some people come out in rashes, you, unfortunately, experience anxiety – they are all just warning signals telling you to take note, reframe and get going calmly down the right road again.

And the more you do something different in those stressful situations, the more your brain learns to expect to cope. In effect, you can learn to outwit your own anxiety.

Anxiety is a natural survival mechanism. But if it gets out of control, it means something isn’t working properly in our lives.

Anxiety is a messenger and does not like to be ignored, a bit like a naughty child it will start to kick and scream if we do not sit up and pay attention.

If you are struggling with anxiety feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat, failing this make sure you speak with a therapist that specialises in anxiety.




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