Beating Anxiety -The benefit of a routine

Routine. Ugh, No thanks!

But wait just before you disregard the idea. In recent years, there’s been a lot of research that has found that routine can have far-reaching psychological benefits, including alleviating Anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and insomnia.

Here’s a rundown on how a structured routine might benefit you.

Routine to alleviate anxiety and stress

I specialise in treating anxiety, and stress, and getting my clients to implement routine is a big part of the work I do.

If you are struggling with anxiety you have the need to consistently check in with yourself about what you are feeling and what you’re worried about. Just as people create routines for exercise, we should do the same for our mental health. One way to do this is scheduling ‘recovery time’ to carry out the work required to rewire the anxious mind. This is one reason that a daily routine can be really useful to ensure you allow time to diminish anxiety.

Routine genuinely helps reduce anxiety. If you create a set schedule for doing chores, work tasks, meetings, exercise, paying bills, and all the usual things you need to do it has a profound effect on your wellbeing. Once this becomes your new normal routine, it’s easier to accomplish everything, because it becomes a positive habit.

Routine has a positive effect on the mind which can be comforting during tough times. Modern day life is full of unpredictability that can be anxiety-provoking, a structured routine provides an anchor of predictability.

There is a key bonus to routines, they allow you to carve out time to pursue the things you enjoy in life. Once you have your routine, there’s no more dodging that gym class or procrastinating over the things that you truly enjoy in life.

The Game Changer

A daily routine is a game-changer for creativity and rewiring the anxious mind. Among other things, it keeps positive change and direction at the front of the unconscious mind. Research shows just how powerful the unconscious mind is at helping us to reach better decisions than active conscious thought.

Once you have implemented a daily routine this is where the magic happens. If one of the things you happen to incorporate into your daily routine is some form of mindfulness, meditation or just simply relaxing you will accelerate all of the benefits mentioned here since these activities boost creativity and productivity while alleviating stress and anxiety.

Once you have your routine, give it a little time to settle in and it’ll start to feel like second nature—but if you feel like something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to change it. It can be worthwhile to alter routines periodically to keep things fresh and stimulating.


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