Hi, my name is Andy Griffiths and I am the founder of Piece of Mind which is a very successful hypnotherapy practice and hypnotherapy training school

I waved goodbye to my former career (and secure salary!) in 2008 and started Piece of Mind from my back bedroom. I launched my therapy service and it very quickly became a runaway success, providing a six-figure income business within 12 months meaning I needed to get a proper therapy room and become a proper grown-up business.

Most people don’t set out in life to be a therapist, however, a lot of people end up in a place where they need a change. They have had a career but now want to ‘make a difference’ or ‘give something back’. 

These ambitions are confessed, of course, with a fair bit of British embarrassment, as though it is corny to make a life change and want to help people.

Most people spend a great deal of their adult lives either working in professions they never planned to, or doing jobs they really do not enjoy, but believe it or not both of these scenarios has its perks:

Yes you’ve earned a salary and if you were lucky will have had some other benefits, but for most of you, you have worked adjacent with like-minded people, and as a result of which you’ve possibly forged some strong friendships. 

You have also gained a lot of experience in working with people; getting to know their tics and tells, hearing their stories and learning to help them to reach their goals. 

Although at this stage it may feel like you have been on a very different road, some of the skills you already have will help you in a new career.

Now where hypnotherapy is concerned, most people can be sceptical; as they don’t know much about it. 

Like most people, I guess, when you mention hypnosis you think of Paul McKenna and Derren Brown, and those ‘comedy’ stage hypnotists making people cluck like chickens.

Hypnotherapy is, as the name suggests, a combination of hypnosis and therapy. This is important: you don’t just meet someone and immediately ‘drop them into hypnosis’! you get to know them, you listen to them, build rapport with them and tailor your work to suit them as an individual. 

Hypnosis is a powerful technique to have in the therapeutic toolbox, and with all the years of being in practice I can share what I’ve learned and the systems and processes which work particularly well.

I love hypnotherapy because it’s goal-focused and it’s empowering. 

This is not hocus-pocus; hypnotherapy has practical techniques anyone can learn (which is why we generally don’t see clients for the long term – as we equip people to help themselves).

Most of you are already using hypnotic techniques in your daily lives, during your self-talk and in your daydreams.

I’ve used hypnosis on myself for everything from running a marathon to handling my fears as I hurtled out of an aeroplane doing a parachute jump.

I’m no longer self-conscious about saying I want to help people. 

I do help people, and I love it. 

And I don’t mind admitting that hypnosis helps me too.

My work with clients reminds me to remain grounded, it makes me feel safe and at peace – my own unconscious soaks up a little of the positive messages, and they are powerful.

During the last three years, I’ve been spending more and more of my time teaching, coaching and mentoring hypnotherapists and teaching is my biggest passion.

I’ll be honest, I enjoy it. 

I love hearing about how my guidance and advice has helped someone else and has had a positive impact on their life.

I enjoy helping therapists build a successful practice and that’s why I am talking to you.

Although my business has had its ups and downs (can you name a business that hasn’t!) Piece of Mind has been a big success. 

It’s given me freedom and security to live the life I want to lead and has given my family and Barney my beloved Cocker Spaniel the lifestyle they really deserve.

I’ve never looked back, and I’m delighted to tell you that I’m hugely passionate about my therapy business and my ability to help people. 

I regularly get asked what’s enabled me to create the freedom and success that I enjoy.

So many therapists fail (some quicker than others), many more therapists work insanely long hours for years on end, without ever achieving the success that they desire. 

So what is it that separates successful and profitable therapists from those that fail?

​There’s only one answer to that question in my mind: 

my single biggest advantage over most therapists has been my steadfast devotion to learning from the very best, wherever and whomever they are.

I’m a committed and constant student of success. Analysing success and its many forms. 

As I write this, I’ve spent over £76,000 on books, manuals, courses, summits, mastermind groups, conferences and seminars. 

I’ve clocked up thousands of air miles searching for the very best and committed hours, days and weeks absorbing, understanding and implementing everything I’ve learned.

That commitment to learning and replicating success is the key difference between me, and a typical therapist.

Most therapists don’t make this type of commitment and most therapists don’t enjoy the success that they set out to achieve…coincidence? I don’t think so.

I mentor lots of therapists each year and there is a strong correlation between commitment and following a proven process and structure.

There’s no big secret here. If something is working well for someone else, there’s a very good chance that it’s going to work for you too, that’s the shortcut to success.

As with any service, there is a science to it. Just as you’re unlikely to ace an exam without studying, you’re unlikely to become highly successful without spending some time learning what other successful people have done.

Why you don’t need to spend 5 years and nearly £80k doing what I’ve done!

I’ll be straight with you. I know that most people don’t have the luxury of being able to fly around the world to find out what’s working well for others. 

I appreciate you’re probably very busy working a full-time job whilst trying to find time to do things with your family and loved ones.

That’s why I am talking to you!

You don’t need to spend years acquiring this knowledge and expertise. 

I gift wrap it all and deliver it directly in my training.

Sounds crazy let me explain?

Every year I run a number of classroom-based training courses teaching people to become fully accredited and registered clinical hypnotherapists. Teaching is my platform to share some of my knowledge on how to learn an amazing new life skill and make an income from it.

The feedback from my training is always very positive.

The messages students send me on how they are forging new lifestyles for themselves got me thinking (which as my wife would tell you, is dangerous)

What could I do to help even more people create their own success?

How can I find a way to give other people access to ALL of the knowledge and expertise I’ve used to build my practice up over the years – so that they can shortcut their journey to freedom and financial success.

The answer to that question is I put all of my experiences good and bad into my training courses.

I now devote 50% of my time to teaching, coaching and mentoring as many new therapists as I can. 

My goal is to help them become successful and profitable by using the tried and tested systems and processes that I know will deliver a steady stream of paying clients.

My training is for anyone that’s committed to learning a proven success strategy and (importantly) implementing those strategies quickly and effectively. 

I love working with people who want to immerse themselves in the skills and the knowledge they need to grow a successful lifestyle business regardless of what the economy, government or local competitors are doing.

I give all my students exclusive access to me and my library of success shortcuts and resources.

I deliver all the therapy tools and information needed on a plate. I’ve done all the hard work for you over the years, and I keep working hard to make sure that I can keep students informed with all the latest strategies and processes from the most successful and most profitable therapists out there.

So how will this help you….

I thought long and hard about the best, most effective way I can spend a chunk of my time helping others to develop themselves, and I believe I’ve come up with a winning combination of ‘face time’ as well as regular online and offline communications.

All of my students receive the following as part of my training:

  • Exclusive one to one strategy sessions with me. I discuss practical ideas and methods that help you establish yourself. I devote time to masterminding a valuable opportunity for you to tap into.
  • Success portal. You get access to an online portal with everything you need to establish your practice. Hours and hours of learning content and templates to use to create everything you will need to get up and running quickly.
  • A library of over 100 Hypnotherapy Scripts to start using with clients
  • Templates for client intake forms and consultations
  • How-to guides for getting your business online
  • Fortnightly live training and Seminars. As a member of my private training group, you get access to live training and Q&A sessions with me. You can also talk to other students, share ideas and practice your skills with like-minded people.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group
  • Live calls, these are super valuable. I schedule live call sessions with me twice each month. You’ll be able to pick up the phone or jump online and speak with me directly and talk in detail about your training, your problems and your opportunities and ideas.
  • All of the Hypnotherapy training material you need to start running sessions with clients. While learning is important, it’s nothing without implementation. That’s why I keep in constant contact with therapists that are committed to creating success.
  • Many other training courses only cover the therapy and you’d have to pay hundreds of pounds each month to get your hands on the content I offer my students. 
  • I know most people don’t have lots of time to indulge in lots of theories and advanced thinking, If you are anything like I am, you’re looking for a practical strategy you can put to work straight away and start benefiting from it quickly.

My training is for people who are looking for an opportunity to change their lives, take a new direction and are prepared to implement the ideas and strategies I teach them.

Your current career or level of education is not an issue.

Sounds good?

My personal guarantee

I guarantee that you’ll find the content and material useful, inspirational and practical. You won’t get piles of useless theory, or fluff and puff. Expect practical ideas and training that you can put to work right away.

If you are looking to make a change in your life then a business of your own could be the answer. Hypnotherapy is the tool and with a good system of processes, you can create your ideal life.

I offer classroom, distanced learning and live online tuition.

If you would like to discuss how you could start a completely new career in Hypnotherapy get in touch for a chat.

Let’s chat some more…


My full range of services remain available online and I fully reopen on the 29th June.


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