Choosing the best Anxiety Therapy in Glasgow. Here Are 3 Things You Should Be Aware Of

Choosing the correct anxiety therapy is the same no matter where you live, right?
Actually, choosing the correct anxiety therapy can be a very different experience depending on where you live. Depending on where you live determines the service providers available and the range of therapies can vary greatly.
So, what if you live in Glasgow and want some anxiety therapy. Based in Glasgow, Piece of Mind understands the challenges of dealing with Anxiety (we specialise in anxiety therapy). 

In this post we shall cover the three things you need to know before you choose your anxiety therapy.

Choosing the best Anxiety Therapy in Glasgow. Here Are 7 Things You Should Be Aware Of

1. Understand whats available in your city

No matter where you live, there may be a setback with availability and waiting lists. For example in certain areas right now there is an eight-week waiting time for a consultation.

Tip: speak with your GP as soon as possible and get your name on the waiting list.

2. Your therapist must understand what its like living with anxiety

Unfortunately, a lot of therapists have little or no real-life experience of living with anxiety. Don’t get me wrong they have empathy however, their approach can sometimes but too regimented and they tend to provide a one size fits all solution to anxiety. There a few requirements that the therapist needs to meet for you.

  • Fully understanding your triggers
  • Discovering and dealing with any underlying (ISE) initial sensitising events
  • Provide a structure and plan to your recovery
  • Provide takeaway techniques for you to implement in daily life
  • Have the ability to support you between sessions
  • Sessions need to be regular and consistent

3. Will you be working with the same therapist in each session

A vital element of recovery is consistency. Will you be working with the same therapist in each session? There is nothing more soul-destroying than having to explain your entire situation to a new therapist. Also building rapport with the therapist is key to rapid recovery. If you do not feel comfortable with the therapist or it’s a different therapist each session it will make recovery more challenging.

Piece of Mind specialises in Anxiety Therapy. If you are interested in learning more about anxiety therapy, feel free to visit our anxiety page. You can also use the button below to contact us and request more information.

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