How to Cure Anxiety

Did you know that our brains are constantly changing and adapting their structure?

How to Cure Anxiety

Understanding how our brains work and how we can rewire them (neuroplasticity) allows us to outsmart anxiety by doing targeted neuroplastic interventions. Please read on to understand how anxiety IS neuroplasticity in action.

One thing that people often misunderstand is that our brains are always changing. Everything we think and do creates change in our brains. Whatever the experience, whether it is an action or a thought, the brain changes so we get better at that activity and in time it becomes easier and easier and then automatic, Do you remember learning to ride a bike?

But all experiences are not ‘equal’ when it comes to rewiring the anxious brain. Anxious thoughts and behaviours get priority in brain rewiring.


Lingering thoughts and worries about past events or traumas can leave you with excessive anxiety long after the initial event. A few examples of anxiety triggers are (childhood trauma, financial issues, relationship problems, physical illness and work pressures) the remnants of these problems can be found in the wiring of our brain.

Anxious thoughts and worries can become habitual – effortless and seemingly out of our control. However don’t worry….the ability to rewire our brains remains with us all until our death, so we can learn to unwire our brains out of anxiety with a focused anxiety programme.

The crippling thing about anxiety is that by its very nature it places exaggerated threats on almost everything. Because threats are given higher priority in our brain it has a major impact on how our brains are rewired – the learnt coping mechanisms or avoidance behaviours change our brains.

Avoidance behaviours, coping skills will create changes in the brain and in time become automatic on a subconscious level. However, these behaviours DO NOT solve anxiety they just help you get by. So the structure and function of the brain changes for the worst and you may get slightly better at managing anxiety rather than beating it permanently.

And here is the problem the coping mechanisms and avoidance become the very thing that restricts recovery. The rewired brain that helps us ‘get by’ is a different brain to the one that helps us flourish and move on.

Most peoples focus is to stop anxiety at any given moment but the problem is the anxiety wiring is still there and waiting to be triggered. We need to create completely different wiring that will halt the endless loop of anxiety allowing us to move forward anxiety free.

Great news, You can rewire the cause of your anxiety – and replace it with calmness and peace of mind.

So how do you rewire your anxious brain to ensure that new neurological pathways are developed, strengthened, and reinforced? By laying down a solid foundation of building blocks, upon which to build the new Anxiety Free Life.

Process and structure beats anxiety it creates the perfect environment for your brain to rewire itself. Find yourself a therapist that understands neuroplasticity.

USE YOUR BRAIN – don’t let it use you.

Here are just a few things you can do to help your anxious brain.

  1. Drink plenty of water so you are not dehydrated. Dehydration causes malfunctioning of the neurons.
  2. Exercise regularly to release blockages in your pathways and get oxygen to the neurons allowing them to flow more freely.
  3. MINDFULNESS. It slows the pathways that sometimes race us into trouble and keep us stuck in the same patterns that created the problems in the first place.


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