Managing Stress

So how do we manage stress?

Or put another way how is stress managing you?

At some level short term stress is not necessarily a bad thing it drives us to achieve and get things done. The problems arise when stress takes over and starts to have an impact on your mind as well as the physical effects on your body.

We are all unique and handle stress differently, also the symptoms of stress present themselves differently from one person to the next. So learning to recognise and manage unnecessary stress will help us live a healthier life.

The fact is this…… life will bend us out of shape, no amount of positive thinking can ever stop that. Love, Divorce, Work, Family, Finances all contribute to our daily stress levels and affect us all differently.

There is a point though where the body reaches its stress threshold, internally the warning sirens will be ringing and the red danger flashing lights will be in full flow. When ignored things can take a turn for the worse and go beyond the sleeping problems, anxiety, mood swings and lack of motivation. Your body is screaming at you to do something to make things safe and well again.

Working with a therapist using Hypnotherapy and NLP the triggers, those pesky movies and internal dialogues can be dealt with. You see the behaviours and the mood swings are the end result with therapy we deal with the triggers to stop the unwanted behaviours.

Stuff will always happen in life but with some help you can reset to much quicker and not get trapped in this perpetual cycle of stress and worry.

Hypnotherapy is excellent for relaxing the emotions and thoughts you experience on a daily basis. Normally during therapy you will find a deeper issue that is causing the stress that you may not even be aware of.

Bottom line….. don’t leave things until you hit critical mass. Recognise something is not quite right and deal with it, talk to your partner, your GP or a good therapist. Stress is there to serve a purpose not to break you down and change your outlook on life.

Whatever your circumstances I wish you well and a joyful life.


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